The world needs to rapidly change from a fossil-based energy system to a renewable system

"By making energy sectors more sustainable, economies can follow a more equitable growth path, contributing to poverty eradication while combating climate change"

UN Energy

VÅR Ventures invests in companies that are building innovative businesses and technologies transforming the energy and resource intensive industries. 

The energy sector is making a shift towards a lower carbon economy. We need rapid, large-scale innovation in energy supply, demand reduction, and optimised energy systems to meet societal and regulatory expectations. 

Mitigating global climate change

The world needs to rapidly change from a fossil-based energy system to a renewable system in order to mitigate and avoid global climate change.

Increasing global energy demand

The EIA estimates that global energy demand will increase with 50 % globally by 2050. According to BP's annual statistical review of the world's energy from 2020, fossil fuels still supply 84 % of the global energy produced, which is why we need large investments in new innovative green energy technologies.

Developing future sustainable energy solutions

We invest in companies that are working to develope our future sustainable energy solutions. According to the IEA, most of the global reductions in CO2 emssions between now and 2030 will stem from technologies readily available today. But in 2050, almost half the reductions come from technologies that are currently only at the demonstration or prototype phase. 

Marie Bugge Severinsen

Marie Bugge Severinsen, CEO at Green Nest Partner, Advisor to Vår Ventures


"The energy and resource intensive industries are at an inflection point as they respond to global growth, environmental imperatives and technological advancements. Expectations for how energy is delivered are changing rapidly"

Examples of 
investment areas


System flexibility

There is a global demand for solutions that in a cost efficient way may incease flexibility in the electricity system, an area where intelligent storage intragration play an important role. This include a wide range of technologies that transform electric energy into other forms of energy that may be storaged or used.


Digital transition

Digital transition is gradually becoming more important in shaping the energy system of the future. There is a need for developing digital energy solutions that support the development of more flexible, integrated and market based energy systems in which consumers play a novel and more central role, and where intelligence is increasingly build into the systems single components. 


Innovative technologies

Innovative technologies that in a short or long term perspective lead to implementation of new technologies and processes or combine known technologies and processes in a new and value adding way. In other words, new innovative technologies, solutions and services with a large global market potential.