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Our Portfolio

Reduced is an innovative food production company, specialized in creating flavor enhancers and food products from side streams and excess produce. 


Kvasir Technologies is a Danish technology company developing a proprietary, cutting-edge process to produce carbon-neutral biofuel from non-edible biowaste material


Waterbear Network is a Dutch technology company that in 2020 launched the first of its kind streaming platform and publisher. A free platform that brings inspiration and action together through award-winning, certified films and documentaries that you can stream at any time, and on any device for free.


Hyme is on a mission to accelerate the transition towards a fossil-free energy future by bringing large-scale molten salt energy storage to market no later than 2025.


Hyme is deploying a thermal energy storage solution that stores electricity in the form of high temperature heat in a molten salt.



More portfolio news coming soon. Stay tuned on our news page or Linkedin

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